Strophe 1:

The 21th century has just begun

Arms racing for the world domination, not a walk, more like a run

People choose their leaders without mind

Not looking behind their masks, just following blind

Chosen leaders with a mind like a child

Pissed off for everything and fastly getting wild

They’re doing like, they are gods right hand

And must bring democracy into every land

Strophe 2:

They are fighting the world, like childs are playing

Not listening to words, which wise men are saying

policy their small battlefield, and the world the bigger one

In their names we’ll fight each other, still we all will be gone

Our oh so wise leaders, haven’t learned from the history

For getting more fame they sell the world, that’s no mysterie

I’m looking into the future, the 3rd world war is near

The world’s going crazy more and more, that’s why I get fear

Strophe 3:

So many red Buttons, in so many lands

Luckily so far no idiot with trembling hands

I’m sure the day will come and one man will push it

And the world is burning down with one hit

The big war has ended, we’re living in vaults

The last humans hide there, to survive this fault

The world is still burning for the next years

And ash will fall, like the worlds tears


We’re sliding cool into apocalypse

with atomic bombs on planes and battleships

Nations getting armed more and more

And drifting slowly into the 3rd world war

We are just farmers, in the leaders chess game

But there’s never a winner’s picture, in the world’s hall of fame

They smile, shake hands and play their fucking games

still they get what they want, or the world stand in flames